Historical. Unique. Inspirational. Faithful…

There are even more ways to describe the ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church. Open the door to T.L.C. and explore the distinctive characteristics, dedicated leadership and staff, history, and more. Making a difference for the sake of Christ since 1902 and for years to come.
Whether you are brand new to the church thing or you’ve been around church for a while; we want to say welcome! Our goal at Trinity is to create environments and experiences where you can encounter God in the midst of your life. When you come to Clifton on a weekend, our aim is that you would be inspired by the music, encouraged by the message, welcomed by our amazing community of people & be reminded that God’s grace is here!
Gathering Times 
Sunday: 9:00 am, and 10:30 am
T H E   C H U R C H

We are a Church that believes in Jesus & loves God & people

We are a church that believes in Jesus, a church that loves God and people. Overwhelmed by the gift of salvation we have found in Jesus, we have a heart for authentic worship, are passionate about the local church, and are on a mission to see God’s kingdom established across the earth.
R. Don Wright
Senior Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church
T H E   C H U R C H

Our History

Trinity Lutheran has a long history of being a community of people who love God, love their city and desire to be a church that is relevant with an outward focus where all are welcomed.